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Quick installation in minutes. Reduced maintenance and maintenance time of your pool.


Automatic pH stabilization at 7.2 and reduced use of chlorine and chemicals up to 75%: Pool Tiger offers your family a cleaner and safer swimming experience!


Reduces the corrosive effects of over-acidity and increases the life of your equipment and pool finishes. Works without electrical energy and is maintenance free.



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Pool Tiger helps control particles in the water by improving the efficiency of the pool filter. This significantly reduces the use of chlorine, known to be the cause of various health problems, including cancer and heart disease. In children, exposure to chlorine in pools also contributes to the development of allergies and asthma. Pool Tiger helps balance the pH of pool water and keep acid levels low. Acids are absorbed by the skin during swimming and many studies have shown a link between high acidity in the body and the development of diseases. Chez les enfants, l'exposition au chlore dans les piscines participe également au développement d'allergies et d'asthme. PoolTiger aide à équilibrer le pH de l'eau de piscine et à maintenir les niveaux d'acidité bas. Les acides sont absorbés par la peau pendant la nage et de nombreuses études ont montré un lien entre une acidité élevée dans le corps et le développement de maladies.


Pool Tiger impregnates the pool water with negative ions. Studies show that negative ions trigger the secretion of serotonin, a molecule of "good mood". It is also said to improve concentration and increase energy.


Pool Tiger removes suspended particles that refract sunlight. This maximizes clarity and shines pool water on sunny days.


Pool Tiger does not require electrical power to operate. It also significantly reduces the demand for chemicals to treat your water up to -75%. Products to manufacture and use of which pollute the environment and damage the ozone layer.


Pool Tiger is now accessible at a low price especially as it requires no maintenance. In addition, by reducing the corrosive effects of high acidity, Pool Tiger increases the life of equipment and finishes in your pool.



Pool Tiger was originally developed for the oil industry with a budget of 20 million euros. Its purpose was to clean up wastewater from drilling operations.

2015: After 15 years of research and development, inventor Gary Powell joins forces with a partnership with Randy Sellers to commercialize this technology on a larger scale.

2016: Based on a similar principle, the two partners market the Polar Vortex, a device to increase snow production.

2017: Production and sale of an innovative device to purify pool water, the Pool Tiger.


Currently under development:

  • Purification system for drinking water in homes, condominiums and hotels

  • Device for removing limescale and organic residues in cooling towers

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A study published in the American Journal of Public Health (74, number 5) showed that the skin absorbs through its pores, an average of 64% of the total dose of contaminants in contact with water.

Many contaminants can therefore be absorbed by your skin, at each bath in your pool.

Does not it make sense to limit this possible exposure to dangerous chemicals?



I had Pool Tiger installed 1 month ago. After 2 days I started to see the difference. It really changed the situation. My pool water is now crystal clear. I almost no longer use chemical, swimming sensations far more enjoyable. The maintenance time is reduced considerably. The pH of the water is regulated automatically, I, who had difficulties before maintaining it at a correct level. Really very satisfied.
I equipped my pool with Pool Tiger not being certain of its usefulness because I have a salt water treatment that satisfies me fully. Well took me, thanks to the Pool Tiger I lowered my level of production of chlorine to 10%, instead of 60% normally. My water is even more cryst clear than before, so much so that my friends constantly ask me the question of how I get to have such beautiful water! So with Pool Tiger I use almost no acid product to regulate the pH level of my pool. It's Pool Tiger who takes care of it! I gained in maintenance time from my pool. I am 100% satisfied.


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When water passes through the Pool Tiger, it passes through small channels (patented device) that cause a decrease in pressure in the device. Phenomenon that converts water into water vapor and overheating at 200 °C for a fraction of a second, destroying all the bacteria. As the pressure in these channels increases, instantly, the water vapor collapses, cools and re-becomes liquid. This increases the temperature of the water in the pool by 1 to 2 degrees maximum.

This rapid change of state of the liquid (gas then liquid) creates a E signature, as well as a strong impulse vibration. This process causes a negative charge of the particles that pass through the nozzle. These tiny charged particles are attracted to each other, which will gather together to form new aggregated larger particles composed of metal molecules, acids that will be filtered by the sand filter and will also have the effect of regulating the pH. from your pool to 7.2.

Noise of hydrodynamic cavitation inside the Tiger Pool:

The PoolTiger does not heat and vibrate, nothing shows outside what’s going on inside.


Technical description

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Pool Tiger works very efficiently when the pool pump is running but not at all when it is not. In addition, many factors affect the chemistry of pool water and some pools simply present more challenges than others.

Although we can attest that Pool Tiger significantly reduces the use of chemicals, we cannot guarantee that Pool Tiger will be able to provide perfect water in 100% of pools, as pool owners may run their pumps during too short time because of associated expenses, each day to account for the various factors affecting their pools. On very large pools with a single equipment, a Pool Tiger may not be able to improve all the water, the installation of 2 Pool Tiger may be necessary.

For all these reasons, we simply cannot say that Pool Tiger completely eliminates the need to use chemicals such as chlorine.

There is a similar unit called Spa Tiger, designed for most spas. Contact your dealer for more information.

Disinfectant chemicals added to swimming pools usually contain acid or interact with water to form various acidic and aggressive compounds. These components generally have a corrosive effect on pool equipment. Pool Tiger not only reduces the need for these sanitizing chemicals, but also stabilizes the pH and keeps acid levels low. Less acidity, less corrosion, longer life.

Yes. PoolTiger will perform the same functions in salt water as in ordinary pool water.

The installation of PoolTiger is very simple. However, it is sufficient to follow the instructions in the manual (including the direction of water circulation).

Failure to follow installation instructions resulting in damage to the unit may void the warranty.

Although the Tiger Pool process creates a E signature, the unit’s chamber is designed to dissipate heat. By the time the treated water returns to the pool, it is only slightly warmer – a degree or two more than the existing pool water, which immediately absorbs the remaining heat and dissipates it quickly. In the case of an unheated pool, sunlight and ambient air are the two factors that most affect the temperature of the pool.

We do not recommend it. The chemistry of the pool is complex. Pool maintenance technicians are trained to know how various contaminants interact and how they can affect the health of pool users. In addition, Pool Tiger does not dispense with basic pool maintenance, such as skimming, emptying baskets and filters, brushing pool walls, checking pool equipment, etc. . Pool Tiger is a supplement to your water treatment system. It greatly improves the quality of the water, but cannot work without a pump and filter regularly maintained.

Yes each Pool Tiger comes with an installation guide. It must be positioned last before the water returns to the pool. It requires absolutely no maintenance of any kind.


Pool Tiger is covered by a 5 year replacement warranty. It is a solid state unit in a shock-resistant thermoplastic housing. No moving parts are likely to wear out or break down.

Although the chances of a Pool Tiger being damaged under normal circumstances are very slim, if your device is damaged due to normal handling and use within 5 years of its installation date, you may return it to receive a replacement device.

If Pool Tiger is damaged by a weather event such as hail or storm, you must include it in your pool equipment warranty for your Multi risk homeowner’s policy.

For the vast majority of private pools, the basic Pool Tiger is suitable for filtrations <= 21m3/h.

Especially since it is possible to mount a Pool Tiger on each of the discharge nozzles.

A model of 57m3/h and a model for spa are being finalized and will be available soon.

The Pool Tiger works thanks to the kinetic energy of the water. As soon as the water circulates, it is operational. There is therefore no minimum flow imposed.

The PPM level should be between 2 and 2.5 (mg/L) normally for a chlorine pool, depending on its exposure to outdoor natural elements, water temperature and its level of use. Once the Pool Tiger is installed, a PPM rate between 0.5 and 1 is sufficient.

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